News: FANGORIA LIVES!!! Cinestate’s Asset Acquisition of Fangoria!!!

FANGORIA LIVES!!! Cinestate’s asset acquisition of Fangoria set to resurrect the most prominent horror magazine to its glory days as a print publication. DALLAS, TX (February 15, 2018) –– Fangoria Magazine is returning from its digital grave and back into print where it belongs. Thanks to a new investment, a new Editor-in-Chief, and a new Publisher, the... Continue Reading →

News: The First Edition of the Toronto True Crime Film Festival Comes to The Royal Cinema! Film submissions now open!

THE TORONTO TRUE CRIME FILM FESTIVAL TO HAVE INAUGURAL EVENT FROM JUNE 8TH TO 9TH 2018 The Toronto True Crime Film Festival  |   The unique and specialized film festival is now accepting short and feature submissions!   Monday, February 12th- The Toronto True Crime Film Festival will have its first annual edition this... Continue Reading →

Review: BEYOND THE WOODS (2016)

BEYOND THE WOODS (2016) Take a bunch of friends, send them to an isolated cabin in the woods, add booze, drugs, and interpersonal tension and you have the start of countless horror movies. In BEYOND THE WOODS Irish director Sean Breathnach makes his feature-length debut using this premise. Impressively, he manages to do something different with... Continue Reading →

Review: PSYCHOTIC! (2018)

PSYCHOTIC! (2016) The slasher film, reviled by moralists and critics and looked down on by genre snobs the genre was enjoyed a huge boom in the 80s but was never really respected. Although they faded from popularity after the 80’s slashers have never gone away, indeed they've been making a comeback in the last couple... Continue Reading →

Interview: Reese Eveneshen, Director of DEFECTIVE (2018)

An Interview with Reese Eveneshen, Director of DEFECTIVE (2018)   We reviewed the upcoming science fiction thriller DEFECTIVE here at Voices from The Balcony and got a chance to ask a few questions of its writer/director Reese Eveneshen. We’d like to thank Reese for taking the time to answer them and distributor Uncork’d Entertainment for setting... Continue Reading →

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