Review: HELL’S KITTY (2018)

HELL'S KITTY (2018) Cats have always had an association with the supernatural. Whether worshiped as deities or accused of being the familiars of witches the connection has always been there. With HELL’S KITTY Nicholas Tana taps into this, adds a comedic twist and cameos from lots of familiar faces. Nick (Nicholas Tana) is an aspiring screenwriter... Continue Reading →

Review: COLD SKIN (2017)

COLD SKIN (2017) Despite a small list of credits, Xavier Gens has secured a place in the annals of film. FRONTIER(S) was one of the best and most overtly political films of the “New French Extremity” movement. THE DIVIDE was a brutal, harrowing and controversial post-holocaust film. Now after the poorly received THE CRUCIFIXION, he’s... Continue Reading →

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