Review: FLAY (2017)

FLAY (2017) A grieving family, a centuries-old curse and something evil stalking it’s victims one by one. We’ve all seen this at least a few times. Effects man turned director Eric Pham and screenwriter Matthew Daley tap into familiar territory with FLAY. Surprisingly they managed to give the tale a few new twists, some of... Continue Reading →

Review: BEYOND THE WOODS (2016)

BEYOND THE WOODS (2016) Take a bunch of friends, send them to an isolated cabin in the woods, add booze, drugs, and interpersonal tension and you have the start of countless horror movies. In BEYOND THE WOODS Irish director Sean Breathnach makes his feature-length debut using this premise. Impressively, he manages to do something different with... Continue Reading →

Review: DIVERGE (2016)

DIVERGE (2016) Going into the past to change the future. It’s an old plot device to be sure, but one that can be played out so many different ways. With his first feature film, DIVERGE, James Morrison goes for a slow, thoughtful approach with a lot to say about personal responsibility and corporate greed. Chris... Continue Reading →

Review: 10/31 (2017)

  10/31 (2017) We’ve had several Halloween themed anthologies lately inspired by the success of TALES OF HALLOWEEN which personally I thought was pretty overrated. The latest of these is 10/31 a collection of five tales and a wraparound set on October 31st. And it may well be the best so far. We start with... Continue Reading →

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